Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Interview with Richard Feynman

Me: So, you've been dead for what, 20 years now?
RF: 19 dumb ass. I died in 1988. Do the math.
Me: Uhm, yeah, sorry. I guess I should be more exact when talking to a Nobel Prize winning Physicist.
RF: Damn straight, mister.
Me: Alrighty then. So, you like fucked all kinds of women - you were a freak!
RF: Can't we talk about my work on the atomic bomb or quantum physics?
Me: Who the fuck wants to know about that shit. I mean, you practically fucked every thing that moved! And drank a shit load! And played the bongos! You were just the tits man!
RF: Uhm, well. You know I went to Princeton and...
Me: Yeah, but the fucking. Let's get back to the fucking. Ever fuck a sheep?
RF: [perplexed look]
Me: Well?
RF: [perplexed look]
Me: OK, I'll take that as a 'maybe'.
Me: Can you tell us more about your Feynman Diagrams? As I understand it, you used these diagrams as a shorthand for describing the interaction between quantum particles in spacetime, specifially positrons and electrons.
RF: WHAT? First you're asking about fuck this and fuck that and then you whip that shit out?
Me: Don't be so defensive dude - I'm just as curious about your diagrams as the next guy.
RF: [perplexed look]
RF: Well, since you asked, I devised what is now known as the Feynman Diagram in order to simplify the complex interactio....
ME: Can you diagram you fucking stuff?
RF: [walking off while giving me the finger]
ME: Well, can you?

Jesus - Nobel Prize winners are so fucking uptight.