Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Back from Cali

Well, I'm back from my business trip to Cali. Good trip, achieved what we wanted to achieve. No earthquakes or natural disasters. Flights on time the whole way there and back. Uneventful.

I noticed something kind of bizarre though - Delta has little video touchscreens on all of the chair backs now, offering TV, movies, games, etc. One thing it has you do when you turn in on is pick your language. Being an English speaker, I got it...English. Well, one of the options on this screen is to basically have it interactively show flight data, including updating the flight path on a map.

Now for the odd part, it rotates through about 4 different screens, first showing the data in SPANISH, then in English. Now, since I took the time to identify myself as an English speaker, why the Spanish at all? But even more bizarre - since this plane is part of a US fleet and flies strictly within the US, why would it show the Spanish data first and then the English?

Just kind of annoyed my sensibilities a bit.