Monday, May 21, 2007

E-vick-t the Prick

For the OTB Traffice Jam!

Michael Vick. Star Quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons. Bazillion dollar contract. And apparently, likes to amuse himself and his dumbass friends with dog fighting...or so the accusations go. Sheer genius. I'm just confused as to why someone who came from so little and now has so much would put the whole thing at risk over something as stupid and vulgar as dog fighting.

Vick, in my humble opinion, is just a symptom of a much bigger problem. All of these star athletes, who should be thanking their lucky fucking stars for being where there are, instead choose to act like complete fucking morons. They do drugs. They commit every flavor of felony offense. They act like they're entitled, beyond the law and immune to the regular world we all live in. To some extend, we're at fault. We put up with it. We continue to buy the tickets and jerseys. I mean, why wouldn't we? These guys are role models for our kids and us. They allow us to dream big. We marvel at their unbelievable athleticism on the field.

But, I think these days are quickly coming to an end - at least in the NFL. The new commish, Roger Goodell, is loudly stating there is a new sherrif in town - and he ain't gonna put up with this shit any more. Granted, the NFL, like most major sports, is a business. It's about making money. But at some point, when the off field bullshit starts tarnishing the overall image of the product (the league), things change. Goodell has already started off in the right direction - basically showing Tennessee's Packman the door for the season and slapping serial offender Chris Henry with a rather lengthy suspension.

Yet, compared to Vick, these guys are peanuts. Vick is and has been the face of the NFL for some time now. Granted - his on field exploits have never quite lived up to billing, but damn - the man can do shit no one else can. And you just sit in awe watching him pull off the most un-freaking-believable stuff. Yet, I strongly suspect that with the pressures on Goodell to wipe the tarnish off his zillion dollar money making NFL, Vick will soon find out that he is no longer immune to punishment for acting like a second rate thug.

Vick - grow up, act like you're worthy of your respect.