Monday, May 28, 2007

Golf Golf Golf

I played golf three times this weekend. First round sucked, but my last two rounds were decent - 86 and a 90. I hate shooting in the 90s! Every Memorial Day weekend, my club does what they call the flag tournament - they give you a little American flag with your name and a score that you "plant your flag" on (80% of your handicap on 72 holes - mine was a 85). So today, as I holed on on the 17th hole, I planted my flag. The farther you get before you plant your flag, the better you did. I'm pretty damn sure I didn't win anything today - slightly worse than average round for me.

I did manage to take delight in watching my arch enemy (good friend of mine and a much better golfer - he's a 5 handicap) flail around today like a rank rookie - he shot a 94 - which just sucks major ass for him. He was just doing some funky shit today. He'll snap out of it.

All in all, a great Memorial Day weekend thus far - still on BBQ to go - and actually I'm pretty beat - but I guess that is sign of a good weekend! More later....